Internal Comms Talk

Johnna Lacey

It’s time to stop talking about the challenges of internal communication and instead, start focusing on achieving results! Through this podcast, we strive to improve the workplace environment so organizations recognize employee value, improve engagement, boost morale, and encourage innovation through enhanced dialogue and communications methods. More than ever, employees crave to find fulfillment in the workplace and to be treated as an integral part of the organization. Companies desire to build trust and loyalty with their employees by creating value in and enhancing their internal communication. More importantly, they invest in their people. Good leaders seek to be mentors. They are pillars in times of change and crises. They listen to their teams and inspire change. Leaders lead by example and model the values and culture of the business. Leaders and managers also need to balance empathy and compassion with focus to engage their people and grow the business and brand. All three elements – employees, leaders, and the organization – work together to bring the human element back into the workplace with an emphasis on relationships. For executives, leaders, human resources managers, and communications professionals. To find out more, visit

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