Raw And Well Podcast with Vanda Maria

Vanda Maria

The Living Food Regenerative Detoxification Podcast with Vanda MariaThe stresses of modern life wreak havoc on the elimination systems that affects our body, mind, and spirit. By addressing these blockages and restoring balance through detoxification, we experience improved health, joy, and freedom.On this podcast, Vanda Maria shares tips, knowledge and answers to questions about the raw food lifestyle, natural healing, regenerative detoxification and lymphatic iridology following the influence of Dr. Morse’s methods as found in the Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration.Vanda studied under and worked with Dr. Robert Morse. She is a certified Level II Detoxification Specialist and Lymphatic Iridology Practitioner. She is natural healer and living foods coach.Visit rawandwell.com for more information

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