Bubbling Out

Emily Rose Dallara- Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur

Welcome to the Bubbling Out podcast, where we’re popping the norms of leadership and creating new - sustainable, powerful ways to lead.This podcast is your sanctuary for discovering how to lead with resilience, manage change adeptly, and handle stress effectively.  It’s a show for anyone who leads a team or group of people. It's for people who want to navigate high-pressure environments with confidence and success, while also protecting their personal wellbeing. It's also for you if you're a spiritual being or need science backed everything.Join me for a series of breakthrough conversations, practical tools and mindset tips, and a peek into my weird and wonderful life as a leader and entrepreneur. All aimed at helping you lead without compromising your time, energy, values, or lifestyle. Each episode is a personal invite to play, learn, shake out the day and recharge.You’ll leave feeling confident, energized and resourced for whatever’s next in your day.In 'Bubbling Out,' we prove that life — and leadership — truly is better in the bubble.I’m excited to have you here.What to expect in our episodes: ✅ Disruptive Leadership: Dive deep into the world of sustainable and effective leadership. ✅ Mastering Stress & Boundaries: Discover how to manage high-pressure situations with grace and strategy. ✅ Play: This isn’t just another leadership podcast. It’s an invitation to engage, play, and recharge. ✅ Personal Wellbeing & Professional Success: Learn to lead without compromising your personal wellbeing. Get insights into handling day-to-day challenges while maintaining your energy, values, and lifestyle.✅ Boost Your Leadership Skills: Whether you're an aspiring leader or an established one, "Bubbling Out" offers a fresh perspective on navigating the complexities of modern leadership. ⭐️ Help us reach more leaders like you:Subscribe, leave a 5-star review, and share your fave episodes with friends & colleagues.🌐 Join the Communityhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/emilyrosedallara/https://www.instagram.com/emilyrosedallaracoachFree resources for people who lead:Grab the exact process I use to stop procrastinatingSign up to my newsletter to get exclusive content, tips and strategies to help you thrive at work, without the self doubt or working 24/7. Direct to your inbox each week.About Emily:Emily is an award winning AC accredited leadership coach working with businesses and private clients.She helps leaders in emerging tech and high-stakes industries confidently succeed without overwhelm or working 24/7.Emily was a marketing leader and CMO in web 3 and crypto for 7 years before turning her focus to supporting the people instead. She is also Founder of Payant, a blockchain escrow and payments solution for freelancers and creatives. Awards: Emily was voted a Top Woman of the Future 2022 and a Woman in Web 3 Changemaker by NEAR Foundation, 2023. 

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