Brand Tuned - Smart Marketing, Better Branding

Shireen Smith

Brand Tuned - Smart Marketing, Better Branding podcast hosted by Shireen Smith explores how to create a winning brand by focusing each episode on an in depth discussion of a topic drawn from the TUNED framework:T- Think IP First! - How intellectual property impacts brands. U - Understand your market! - Researching to understand the market, what buyers want and need, developing a business plan and strategy, positioning and differentiating the offering. N - Name it right! - Choosing brand names E - Establish your brand strategy! - Creating the visual identity D - Drive the brand strategy! - Promoting the brand using a combination of long and short term tactics such as social media, SEO, podcast guesting, content marketing etc.The framework is detailed in Shireen Smith's forthcoming book Brand Tuned - The New Rules of Branding, Strategy, and Intellectual Property.

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