Hello, and welcome to the Optimistic Advocate. The Podcast that brings you just a bit closer to recognizing your full potential as an advocate for change - yours, mine, and everyone's! I'm your host, Scott, Bryant-Comstock, and I'm CEO and founder of the Children's Mental Health Network. In 2019, I had a full-blown Kundalini awakening. That experience has clarified many of the questions about purpose, focus, and mission that I have had my entire life. And heck, I want to share those learnings with you! Monday through Friday, you can listen to "The Daily Drop," where I share the lessons I have learned from my kundalini awakening. In each episode, I provide practical tips that you can use to move yourself just a bit closer to the better self you want to be. Insights from me, always a bit of poetry, and inspiring homework for you, as we move together on this wonderful journey of creating harmony with the universe. Daily Drop episodes typically run from 10 - 20 minutes in length, just enough to give you something to chew on as you move through the day. As a bonus, periodically, we post a long-form interview with inspiring advocates who help individuals and families make positive changes in their lives in communities across the globe. These episodes typically run from 45 - 60 minutes in length, so give yourself some room to breathe and get inspired when you listen to these. You won't regret it! I can't wait for you to join me here on the Optimistic Advocate. Remember to tell all your podcasting friends that the show is available for free in any app that supports podcasts. Go to https://theoptimisticadvocate.com/listen and choose the podcast player of your choice. Remember, as you dive into the episodes, never forget to stay optimistic, listen to the universe (It's speaking through you, I promise), have a plan and follow-through. See you on the Podcast.

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