Every Monday, Amy Coop, yoga and meditation teacher and founder of Prana + Patchouli shares self-care tips, spiritual tools and guided meditations for less stress, more flow and living your highest purpose. Through the lens of yoga, we explore different ways of aligning your mind, body and soul to calm your anxiety, awaken your confidence and uncover your creative potential. But let’s be real. These are wild times and we’re already overwhelmed. Our spiritual practice shouldn’t add to that and that’s why, each 10-minute episode offers simple methods to access peace and a moment to anchor into the still sanctuary within you. This well of wisdom is where you’ll discover all the answers you seek to light your path as you go for your dreams. Please be sure to hit subscribe. Your future self will thank you! Get updates, free yoga videos, virtual retreats, meditations and more at https://www.pranapatchouli.com.

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