The Rex Andrew Show is a cross platform and cross topic entertainment show. Covering all kinds of topics with one common theme, "too many interest for just one lifetime. Oh, and by the way, common sense. Come along with me be as we examine the world through the lenses of common sense! The show is not constrained by time, the length of the shows are based on the topics and guest interviews and flow like a dinner party conversation. Current events, story telling, comedy, engaging interviews, rants, education and insights. The cross platform show is distributed on 22 platforms that include: 1. Podcast5.Spotify6.Google Podcast7.Amazon Music8.Pandora9.iHeart Radio10.Stitcher11.Pandora12.Podcast Index13.Tune In14.Podcast Addict15.Podchaser16.PocketCasts17.Deezer18.Listen Notes19.Player FMSocial Media1.Youtube2.Parler3.Facebook4.Twitter

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