Lift: The Podcast

Katya Slivinskaya

Astrologer and life coach Katya Slivinskaya interviews mystics, educators, holders of wisdom, thought leaders, and artists to uplift, inspire and shift our consciousness in this pivotal time of Human history. As an astrologer trained in the burgeoning 3rd Stage Astrology method, her goal is to help you see and value yourself outside the constraints of a cookie-cutter system, knowing that you are who you are for an exquisitely good reason, whether you’re recognized for it yet, or not. She invites you to consider that we are ready to step into a new world paradigm - a world in which who we innately are is valued over who we are shaped and molded to be. Where our inherent intelligence is revered and trusted, and where creativity and empathy are as important as rationality and linear thinking; where “shoulds” are traded in for the knowings of the heart; where the heart leads - and where from the heart, everything is possible. On Lift, we’ll explore the realms of education, the arts, consciousness-expansion, community, astrology, mysticism, sustainability, philanthropy, and diversity. Join Katya and her guests for heart-centered, thought-provoking conversations that are sure to inspire and uplift, sending you off to create your most ass-kicking life!

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