Do you struggle to find something to listen to on that awful commute to work, or that terrible temper-tantrum filled school run? Then look no further, let us fill your time or become part of your journey. A Game of Two Halves is a Trivia and Comedy based Podcast brought to you by Dylan and Kirsty. This highly competitive British couple go head-to-head in a weekly trivia battle, join us for reimagined classic quizzes, game shows and of course, play along, see if you can beat the hosts! Alongside the trivia, listen now to get to know your hosts on a more personal level, be provided with awesome Movie/TV and… well, anything recommendations. Become mind blown with weird and interesting tidbits to boot! So sit down, or get ready to start something boring and let us make you smile! (If you laugh at us and not with us, then that’s OK too, as long as we see that smile).

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