NFT 365 Daily with Fanzo

Brian Fanzo Digital Futurist Keynote Speaker

The mantra of this podcast is simple: WE is greater than Me... The first daily NFT podcast that's also buying an NFT every day for 365 days: NFTs 365 is hosted by Brian Fanzo, aka @iSocialFanz Brian Fanzo is a Digital Futurist, Keynote Speaker, and Web 3 Visionary that has worked with brands like IBM, Dell, Samsung, Twitter, SAP, Adobe, Oracle, UFC, AWS and MGM while also working in cyber security for the department of defense for a decade. The first DAILY NFT Podcast focused on creating evergreen educational episodes, breaking news, emerging Web 3.0, metaverse, creator coins and cryptocurrency trends and exclusive interviews. When it comes to learning technology, Understanding Non Fungible Tokens as Newbies or Geeks. Brand adoption of web 3.0, blockchain, the metaverse, digital transformation, future of work, cryptocurrency, creator coins within the creator economy and technology innovation is the podcast for you. If you are struggling to understand NFTs, don't know where to start with NFTs or maybe looking for NFTs for newbies, this is the podcast for you. The focus is on helping you embrace change, be educated on where the future is going, and be motivated by what's possible at a high level while being inspired to be curious, fail forward, and try something new. The future of business is a community, and the future of marketing is relatability in this web 3.0 digital-first world leading us to the metaverse; this podcast will help you see the future and plan to make it happen today. This is for managers of technology, marketers, sales, coaches, network marketers, and you traditional investors looking to embrace innovative technology this is the place. Things like smart contracts, IP rights, metaverse, blockchains like Ethereum, bitcoin, Solana, Cardona and also Palm, Rally.IO and more. Interviews are using Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Facebook LIve, Instagram Live, and Linkedin Audio. There will be founders of projects, collectors of art both traditional art and visual art, creators looking to find developers to managers and executives looking to understand who they need to hire in the web 3.0 digital world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer already playing in the metaverse or a parent looking to understand the trends your kids are entering in with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social tokens we will cover it all with this daily form. NFT 365 is focused on translating the geek-speak around the creator economy, web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency and the metaverse with the goal of helping the audience HEAR the harmony between technology and humanity, empowering us to re-imagine the digital future together.

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