The Digital Vibe Network Presents: The All About Annette Show "A Journey of Experience"

Annette Thomas

Change. One of the most feared words in the dictionary but without it we digress and never move forward to become who we are created to be. Use this opportunity for change as a way to move forward in a positive healthy way! Bounce forward! All About Annette on Wednesday's: Most inspirational podcasts are built on emotion and emotion is what my brand is conveying when people are listening to my podcast, The Digital Vibe Podcast. I want you not only to feel but to see yourself in the story which is my story. Special Feature Stories on Tuesday's and Thursday's: Enjoy drama, mystery, romance, and a little bit of true crime from past and present storytellers on Coffee and Tea! Celebrate Her, “sharing HER story” : I share my entrepreneurial and life story with you! Enjoy the journey and the "circle of my life" when you listen to my "Wealth Building Series" on life, love, entrepreneurship, struggle, and victory!  Listen to this show on Monday's!!!   Enjoy the shows! The Digital Vibe Podcast Support the show!

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