Allergy Proof® by Ashli Templer (that's me!) is dedicated to helping hard working women with health issues get through life. I chat about autoimmune conditions, intolerances, allergies, and undiagnosed symptoms. If you're one who works 12 hours days and crawls into bed with stomach aches, I get it. Brain fog, itchy skin, BYO-ing snacks to parties, the works, I've been there. In this podcast I talk real-life stories with biz women, answer the questions you wanna know from health specialists and give all the tips I've learned over the years. I look at mastering your schedule, creating new habits, and thriving in your career to leave you feeling like you’re not alone in your health journey. I founded social media agency Pep Creative and skincare brand Yours Only and have been dealing with pesky intolerances and skin conditions my entire life. AND, for the past eight years, she’s been living with Hashimoto’s disease so I've seen a lot of specialists in my time. Follow my journey on Instagram at @ashlitempler.

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