Win-grin Podcast: Support The Community. Grow Your Brand

Evan Brandoff

On the Win-Grin podcast, we highlight the stories and experiences of some of the country’s top community marketers as they share how they’ve promoted their companies and helped their communities, all at the same time. Many people see community marketing as a dollar-for-dollar profit-making transaction. Yet, a lot of individuals are positively impacted by these deals when done the right way. Discover valuable tips and advice on thriving in the marketing scene here at Win-grin Podcast: Support The Community. Grow Your Brand.Marketers at all stages of their careers will learn important insights and tactics in generating leads locally. Most marketers do not understand the effect of their money on a larger scale, and this show helps you understand that in a significant way. Become an agent of positive change while growing your revenue!By focusing beyond the money-making aspect of this industry, you can determine how to contribute to your communities. Looking for prospects becomes about creating genuine human connections rather than business partnerships.This podcast spotlights the ins and outs of sponsoring youth sports leagues. It has been proven many times that kids who play sports turn out to be excellent in their academics and even live healthier lives. But without their sponsors, rising sports costs will forever be a problem for many children.Leading companies supporting athletic groups share stories of cutting unnecessary expenditures and bringing aspiring kids into the fold. They also provide a glimpse of what sports mean to those outside the arena, especially to children's families.Hosting the podcast is Evan Brandoff, co-founder of America's leading youth sports sponsorship platform. LeagueSide connects regional and national brands with more than 35 million families. Combining passion and dedication, this platform aggregated the largest league sponsorship network in every state, offering long-term impact. Furthermore, they helped prominent brands reach their target audiences, including Verizon, Uber, and McDonald's.Shaped by his management role at LeagueSide, Evan lends his unparalleled expertise in community marketing. Through working with marketers and athletes, he understands the intricacies and technicalities of each side.Evan invites leaders in community marketing to discuss their experiences and share nuggets of marketing wisdom. With guests like these, everyone hears new prospects and starts relationships that last a long time.If you love to create authentic connections, help local residents, all while achieving your marketing goals, then community marketing is a must-try. This podcast is your first step towards a bigger venture. Prepare for a wild ride with sports leagues and people from all walks of life.Arm yourself with the best practices and knowledge about local marketing with the expert guidance of Evan Brandoff. If you apply the right investing methods, nothing can stop you from building scalable and efficient communities. Everyone can flourish and live the life they truly want.Start listening to the podcast today at

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