UI Therapy | UI Design and Development Podcast

Jake Hopking

The podcast for UI developers, designers and independent thinkers who strive for simplicity. The state of user interface design and development is at a crossroads: do we embrace complexity and raise the barrier to entry, or can we learn from the past and strive to make our tools, frameworks and methodologies simpler and more intuitive for everyone - regardless of experience or persuasion. I'm a strong believer in the latter, and if you are too, come join me on my journey to make a difference and push back against the forces of complexity and chaos. Featuring guest interviews; reviews of tooling, frameworks and methodologies; deep-dives and tutorials all related, sometimes tangentially, to user interface design and development on the Web, in apps, games and appliances. I will seek out industry professionals and experts who are striving to make real positive change in the industry. Pioneers of simplicity if you will. I also want to talk to people who are struggling in the web design, web development or frontend development industries; perhaps they are like me - fatigued by the increasing complexity around tooling, frameworks and ideologies; perhaps they are new to this space or are thinking about joining and pursuing a career here - and they are feeling overwhelmed and confused. I want to let this latter group know that there is simplicity out there, and that there are great people working hard to turn the tide against the status quo.

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