Isabella Taylor is an Australian born artist with a level of emotional intelligence well beyond her years. She has a passion for the world she lives in and her vocation is to help encourage people to follow their dreams, regardless of their circumstance. Her first experience with painting was when she was just one year old and she has loved it ever since. At 6 years old, Isabella decided that she wanted to interview inspirational people, to share their stories to help encourage other children to follow their dreams. More recently Isabella set up a purpose studio, where she now has the space to spread her imagination onto larger canvases creating abstract pieces. Inspired from her interviews with inspirational people from around Australia, Isabella has created abstract launch paintings – “I like that it can turn out with stuff in it, like once I did a painting and it had a mermaid in it and I really liked it and I thought – how did that get in there? I think it’s a living thing paint, because how does it get that shape, in whatever shape it would form. How the paint forms in the air. So say there was a blob on the brush and then it like formed a head, arms, tail…. Paint is a wonder to me, I can’t quite understand it but I really love it.” ( Isabella Taylor, 2018) Isabella relishes her time in the studio where she feels free to express her uninhibited creativity in all the colours of the rainbow. Isabella’s parents realised her passion for painting early and a dear friend of the family, who is a renowned Australian artist, advised to make sure she has lots of paints, advice from whom her parents greatly respected and instantly embraced. Isabella’s great Maternal Grandmother had a love of painting which was discovered in her beautiful expressions right near the end of her long life.

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