Southern Salon: a podcast about culture & communication

Amy Clark Spain and Brittany Robertson

Amy Clark Spain and Brittany Robertson are professors with backgrounds in public relations, advertising, communication, and Appalachian studies. They're also moms, entrepreneurs, bloggers, home renovators, and much more. In addition to her day job, Amy is a nonfiction writer with publications in such venues as the New York Times, Oxford American,, and NPR. She loves all things vintage and manages a successful Etsy shop called Ivy Attic Company, where she and her daughter sell handcrafted jewelry made from repurposed books, glass, and botanicals. She is author and co-editor of the book Talking Appalachian: Voice, Identity, and Community. Brittany is a successful blogger who writes about style, mama encouragement, and real life issues that are important to women. She is founder and owner of the consulting company Curated Social Strategy. Together, they'll bring you topics from faith to finding purpose, from accents to confidence in communicating, using real examples from their own journeys.@southernsalonpodcast

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