STICK IT TO THE MAN SHOW w/Trista4Sheriff Aug4

Trista DiGenova Chang

Hang w/Sheriff candidate, Shovelin’ horsesh+t, a political comedian makes ya feel better Stay safe,sane & entertained During this time of Treason #ImpeachTrumpAgain! 202 224 3121 Oxford-& Berkeley edumificated Political scientist; Reiki therapy; Art will save the day! :) Keep the faith, good people! :) I, Trista created this podcast series -Free Masterclasses, A variety show of subjects: From filing lawsuit pro se 2writin’ yer own cxuntry song, How2 Feed yerdogs Grow garden things not just 2look hopeful4; but constructive things 2DO; Teach yerself, then ub on the Road 2bein’’ U!

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