Podcaster-Blogger of News/Politics, 2nd Amendment Rights, Motorcycling, Jeeping, and repairs. Technology. news and my opinions on daily happenings. I am fighting for America's freedom every day, but with the pen and social media! Not easy at all to convince some of the old-time Democrats of what is really going on! We, the Patriots are losing some ground but I for one will never stop fighting for American Freedom! I pray it will turn around very soon and the people (sheep) on the left will see what is really happening here in America with China. Do some research...don't follow the crowd! China put Biden in office with COVID, rigged elections, and the help of some very wealthy anti-American scum here in America! Now China told Biden he better start playing by the CCP rules!! Education for the sheep on the left is what we patriots need to do all day... every day to save America!!! God Bless America and God Bless The American patriot!!🇺🇸

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