Don't Say That Ish: A Guide to Proper Workplace Etiquette

Eula Maposa

Have you ever been called out or reported to Human Resources (HR) for having a question or made a statement that was perceived as insensitive in the workplace? Ever wondered what you did wrong for that to happen? Or have you ever been offended by how someone at work who approached you about your background, culture and/or appearance? Ever felt like you had to tone yourself down to make others feel comfortable? Join us as we have open, honest and tough conversations about how to interact with people in the workplace that don’t look like you, talk like you or think like you. Let’s address those elephants in the room. Get an honest HR scoop of how not to be “that person.” Let’s learn how to avoid workplace conflicts and expand ourselves beyond our bubble. Let’s learn from each other in a safe space, elevate our thoughts and ideas, so that we can create a workplace that’s truly inclusive for everyone. If you want to do better, you're in the right place!

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