The Cosmic Dispatch is a weekly astrological weather report about bodies: the celestial and the earth-bound. Join astrologer and body-mind therapist Cory Nakasue as she guides us through the ever-changing astrological weather and uses the tools of astrology to help us connect to our bodies and communities. At its heart, astrology is about relationships: to time, nature, and change. How can we best understand different qualities of time? How can we deepen our relationships with ourselves and others? We’ll use the week’s astrology as a jumping off point to discuss topics such as current events, health, personal development, and more! We’ll also speak with guests and listen to music that embodies the current astrology, and answer audience questions. Please email to send questions to be answered on the show, and guest recommendations. Schedule a consultation with Cory, or a discounted student consultation by emailing us at the above email address. Read Cory's monthly horoscopes on Read producer Mandee Sheeler’s monthly moon reports on . Cory’s website: Mandee’s website:

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