Welcome to Be Good Humans, the humourous and often heartwarming and entertaining weekly podcast where Radio Hall of Fame member and comedian Brian Phelps teams up with award-winning television showrunner and professor Trey Callaway. Each 30-45 minute episode brings you a delightful mix of comedy, engaging conversation, and inspiring interviews with truly GOOD HUMANS from all over the world.Join Brian and Trey as they share uplifting stories, like the North Carolina bait and tackle shop owners who united their hurricane-struck community with karaoke nights, or the Canadian woman who turned her road rage trauma into a global rubber duck phenomenon. Hear the moving tale of a couple who transformed their grief over losing a newborn into a mission to build playgrounds for disabled children nationwide.In these often dark and divisive times, Be Good Humans is designed to make you laugh, cry, and reflect on our shared humanity. Discover the extraordinary potential within each of us to dig deeper, try harder, and become the best versions of ourselves. Tune in weekly to be inspired by stories that remind us all of the power and importance of being good humans.

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