Into the Frontier: A Warp Drive Wanderers RPG Actual Play

Hallowed Haven Studios

Welcome to the Frontier, your escape from becoming just another corporate cog. But with this freedom comes new kinds of dangers: terrifying xenobeasts, bloodthirsty pirates, and unfathomable anomalies. A crew is assembled to investigate when a wormhole spits out a century-old wreckage. What they find will lead them into the Frontier’s darkest mysteries. CAST: Vanya Valiant - Overthinker Sylvia Sutton - Freyja Grant Becker - Solomon Roxxie - Legacy Game Master - Kippahkid Opening Theme: Southern Renegade by EvertZ Viewer Discretion Advised. This show is intended for a mature audience. Our Website: Our Discord: Our Patreon: Our Twitter: Our Twitch:

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