The Digital Diva Podcast With Sue Peters

Sue Peters

Hey there, I'm Sue!I built my business from the corner office of my bedroom because I needed to find my identity again. I spent years overworked and quit frankly my health fell apart because I wasn't taking care of me in the process and I had to figure out how to find myself again. I had no idea when I started this path that I'd become medication free from EVERYTHING, rid myself of all of my health issues, and even more so that it would help me find passion and purpose again. Here I am years into this business and I'm an Online Digital Marketer with a love for REAL business marketing, auto-recruiting, and being a servant leader with my MLM business. How can we, as women, have it all? We will uncover that together in this podcast. I truly believe we CAN be home with our babies, live a life full of passion and purpose that can support our family, and maintain our health and self identity. My mission is to bring you content that can help you reach the success you have always wanted to have!

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