Multi-Passionate Mastery

D'Ana Joi

What if instead of trying to fit yourself into a box and trying to be a specialist, you chose to become masterful over your own multi-passionate nature?What if instead of feeling overwhelmed by your many ideas, you had simple processes for gaining clarity, prioritizing, and staying focused WITHOUT having to give up your passions?That's what the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast will help you to do.This is a podcast created specifically for multi-passionate creatives, by a multi-passionate creative that challenges the narrative that you have to "choose one thing" in order to be successful.Tune in with host and life coach for multi-passionates, D'Ana Joi, for tangible tips, thought-provoking conversations, and inspiration from successful multi-passionates across various industries. >>Prioritize and Thrive coaching program for multi-passionates:

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