Spark of Rebellion, A Star Wars Podcast

Garry Aylott & Mark Asquith - Nerd Podcasts Network

Love Star Wars but finding that life gets in the way of your first love? We exist to keep Star Wars lovers connected with the galaxy that they adore! Each week we collate every single scrap of Star Wars news from across the web and bring it to you in a digestible, fun format. Whether you're a prequel fan, an OT lover or a sequel monster, Spark of Rebellion covers news across everything from the movies, animation, books, comics and the rumour mill! Spark of Rebellion is the perfect Star Wars podcast to geek out on during your commute, gym session, dog walk, or whilst whipping the duster around your house. Produced by Garry Aylott and Mark Asquith, the show releases every single Saturday and also releases special episodes and produces merchandise to supporters at Brought to you by the Nerd Podcasts network at NerdPodcasts.comThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: OP3 - - -

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