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College football in all its glory. Ditch the mainstream and break the huddle with The Solid Verbal. Since 2008, Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein have been shaking up the college football podcasting scene with their fun and unique blend of commentary. Whether you're a diehard or a casual observer, the show taps into your fandom with spirited debates, fresh perspectives, and segments you won't hear anywhere else. Recognized as trailblazers in the podcasting world, The Solid Verbal isn't just another college football show—it's America's College Football Podcast. Become a Verballer today and join thousands of others who don't just love college football, they live it!Each week brings a new story and The Solid Verbal is your best national podcast to stay up to date as the college football rankings whipsaw from week to week. Every Sunday during the season, Ty and Dan help you process the whirlwind of college football scores from the weekend, breaking down the most impactful games, upsets, goofy moments and everything in between. Their weekly reaction episodes tap into the chaos of the College Football Playoff race and offer insight as NCAA football standings inevitably shift. They also turn over part of the episode to their listeners, who leave voice messages that are included on the show. On Tuesdays, The Solid Verbal dives into the topics driving the college football news cycle. The show takes you beyond the scores to the stories, the strategies, and the controversies. The heartbeat of NCAA football is more than just numbers on a board; it’s the schools, the coaches, the players, and yes, the drama. The Solid Verbal dissects the things fans care about – whether the latest AP Top 25, major conference realignment, Georgia’s fun at a third straight football title, or Notre Dame’s quest to wake up the echoes – and tries to make sense of it all.On Wednesdays, as anticipation builds towards the weekend’s action, The Solid Verbal serves up a sneak peak of the games ahead. From “home dogs of the week” to their “locks,” Ty and Dan try to figure out the latest college football odds. Though not a betting show, it uses point spreads as a way to offer important context on the week ahead. At the top of each preview episode, the show will cover 3 big games that are sure to drive the Saturday narrative. In addition, it examines the rest of the college football schedule through the lens of watchability and intrigue, and ranks the games around which you should build your viewing experience.Follow The Solid Verbal College Football podcast on your favorite app today and download everything you need to know during the 2023 season.

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