Lead at the Top of Your Game

Karan Ferrell-Rhodes and Shockingly Different Leadership

Are you the strongest leader you can possibly be? And if not, ever wonder what other elite leaders know and do that you aren’t, which may be stopping you from bringing your A+ game? The Lead at the Top of Your Game Podcast celebrates the ingenuity, resilience and execution excellence of firebrand leaders who are doing big things in their profession or industry by boldly dancing on the edge and playing by their own rules. Organizational psychologist & leadership tactics strategist, Karan Ferrell-Rhodes, interviews the persons at the forefront of leading the transformative ideas, tactical maneuvers and gut-wrenching pivots behind the People, Business & Leadership strategies which are helping individuals do their best work and organizations to become future-ready, today. Listen in, as she cracks open their playbooks and compares them with her research on the top seven leadership tactics of the world’s most successful leaders. Join us to take advantage of gaining an insider’s look into the ups, downs and lessons learned from these thriving A+ leaders, so that you too can become a stronger leader who masters any “game of expertise” in which you choose to play. The Lead at the Top of Your Game podcast is brought to you by Shockingly Different Leadership, the leader in on-demand People, Talent Development & Organizational Effectiveness professional services, all designed to up-level leader capability and optimize workforces to do their best work. Learn more at http://LeadYourGamePodcast.com or https://shockinglydifferent.com/podcast. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the show on your favorite podcast app and leave a 5-star review.

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