The Selfish Podcast with Chloe & Steph

Chloe and Steph

Are you overwhelmed?  Stuck in survival mode?  Do you need to focus more on self and be selfish. We see you.  Join us, Chloe & Steph, as we explore alternative healing treatment.  We’re on a mission to soothe our mind, body & soul. Chloe is a lifelong learner wanting to better herself. Steph is trying to rebuild and heal after the loss of her firstborn child. What really works? How can we get it together? What do we need to thrive?Through deep conversations and personal experiences, we tackle everything from face mapping to breathwork and more.  We also cover the moon, stars and every week we pull a card to focus our intention for the week. It's time to prioritise yourself and your wellbeing. Subscribe now and get ready to put yourself first with The Selfish podcast.

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