Adventurers Anonymous - A British Dungeons and Dragons 5e Podcast

Adventurers Anonymous

A group of dangerously codependent British misfits gather around a microphone, sip cocktails, and seek a glorious demise in a Dungeons & Dragons-themed actual play comedy podcast.​With a cast that includes a failed Crocoborn sorcerer, turned children’s party entertainer, a dirty old human priest, on the brink of the afterlife, a retired half-orc police officer, a sassy blue Tiefling, surrounded by bees and a retired Gnome archer with PTSD. So, if you like your plot lines thin and crispy, and your language to be saltier than a sailor's beard, welcome aboard!Disappointing the TTRPG & D&D Community since 2020. Not suitable for little ears. This show is mostly improvised and entirely inappropriate. Listener discretion is advised.A brand new episode every Get bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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