Over the course of 365 days a year, something in the world of sports always makes us stop and take notice. This new member of the Sports History Network highlights the accomplishments, memories and anniversaries of some of the greatest moments in sports history and delves into some of the hidden stories behind them. Hosted by former sportswriter and broadcaster Dana Auguster, this weekly podcast describes these sports moments like no other. Each week the show will be your tour guide as we stroll down sports memory lane, reliving the moments that make sports a vital element of being an American. Also, the show uncovers other moments and facts that few sports fans know about. The show is divided into three different segments. The first is the “Main Event” where one event is highlighted. A historical event that is celebrating an anniversary are a current event that mirrors another from sports’ historical past. The second segment is the “Weekly Top 5”. Five events that took place during that week in history that deserves to be highlighted and discussed. The third and final segment is simply “shoutouts”. Moments, birthdays, and other sports oddities that happened that week that deserves to be recognized. If you wish to send a comment or check out the shows twitter page, go to @HistoricallySp2 or email the show at HistoricallySpeakingSports@gmail.com So, join this weekly podcast that is part of the Sports History Network called Historically Speaking Sports Podcast. The podcast where we celebrate sports history one week at a time.

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