My passion and commitment with V-S-T ❤ is to share the REAL, honest, raw, light, and heavy of life and love in this CRAZY, TRAGIC, SOMETIMES ALMOST MAGIC, AWFUL, BEAUTIFUL LIFE. (I have a musical brain and relate most everything to song lyrics.) If these words don’t perfectly sum up life, I don’t know what does. Life is a big adventure full of challenges (lessons) and blessings. When we learn to embrace uncertainty and challenges as a blessing too, the game of life changes. Victim, Survivor, THRIVER. We all face adversity in life. It is easy to feel like we are the only ones going through the "messy" of life sometimes. Especially in the days of social media highlight reels. While I do love a good highlight reel, I want to share the REAL stuff. The stories of people moving through real life, all the joy and the pain (the messy and the magic) to show others they are not alone. My hope is to offer hope, insight and resources to our Tribe. Together we can laugh, cry, grow, be inspired, inspire, and learn how to be grateful for the blessings and the lessons, so that we can all THRIVE.

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