Hope After Child Loss

The Empty Chair Endeavor

An outreach of The Empty Chair Endeavor designed to support and equip survivors of child loss in rediscovering life, hope, and joy after unspeakable tragedy. Additionally, our mission involves educating the public about the life altering impact the death of a child has upon survivors, both parents and siblings, and equipping them to better support and minister to them. Join us as guests share their stories of heartbreaking loss and how God has shown up on their journeys to restore hope, meaning and purpose. The host, Greg Buffkin, lives with his wife Cathy in South Carolina. Because Cathy and Greg lost their beautiful son Ryan to suicide in 2015, they understand the trauma and pain of losing a child. On a journey that began 8 years ago out of unspeakable trauma and brokenness, GOD has brought them through to a place of restoration, hope and joy with a passion to help fellow survivors on their journeys.

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