Our relationship with our bodies is complex. There’s a reason why most diets and fitness trends don’t work long-term for most people, especially women. If you’ve struggled with weight gain and loss, are stuck in diet culture with no results, or feel like you’re not in control around food, the solution isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s time to part ways with emotional eating, bullsh*t diets, and the painful cycle of being trapped in food hell and body jail.  Hello Body Freedom is where women rethink their health and reconnect with their bodies. Free yourself from external expectations that do not serve your best interest. Stop overeating and stress eating, and ditch the diet-and-binge-eating cycle for good. End the pain of emotional eating and finally experience peace with food and freedom in your body. The evidence that diets don’t work in the longrun is undeniable. This podcast addresses the reasons we reach for food to cope. Don’t be fooled by fad diet trends and short-lived fitness plans that don’t tackle the root cause. Disgust and shame about your body do more harm than good. Leave behind the toxic cycle of restriction and binge-eating that negatively affects your health. Start reconnecting with your body to understand what it needs to support the healthy, happy, vibrant life you deserve. Many people unknowingly look to food as the fix when what they really need to be dealing with runs much deeper. And when food doesn’t fix the deeper reasons we use it cope, it results in a shame spiral that worsens the problem and becomes a never-ending cycle. Unresolved trauma manifests in unhealthy eating habits and a distorted view of oneself. It's time we talk about that and focus on understanding how it  impacts our relationship with food. Hello Body Freedom offers high-quality information to help you gain autonomy over your body and get out of the diet culture that society keeps pushing. Each episode features discussions on how to tackle these dilemmas. We’ll talk to emotional eating and trauma experts and other guests who share their insights and personal experiences of overcoming this battle to experience freedom with food and body.  Hosting the show is Audra Baker, Certified Trauma Informed Master Health and Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Breathworker specializing in Eating Psychology and Trauma Informed Holistic Weight Loss. Having been an emotional eater since she was six years old triggered by her parent’s divorce, she struggled with food for the next 3-decades. Audra found healing in her mid-thirties after an unhealthy relationship with body and food. Name a diet or exercise plan, she tried it. It wasn’t until Audra understood that all the knowledge, degrees, and certifications she accumulated about nutrition, fitness, and weight loss weren’t the answer. Audra learned about the unique set of neuroscience strategies to rewire deeply ingrained emotional eating habit pathways she formed over the years. Trauma healing practices helped her stop using food as a coping mechanism and heal at the body-mind level.  For the first time in her life, there was no longer an urge to overeat due to stress, mindless action, or binging. Now, Audra uses this podcast to help you achieve the same in your life. Tune in to lose your physical, mental, and emotional weight for the last time. Get real with yourself and heal, so you can experience peace around food and freedom with your body. Feel massive confidence and experience a more meaningful life filled with deep love, connection, joy, and lightness! Listen to the podcast and subscribe to the show at https://audrabaker.com/.  

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