Everyone's Talkin' Money

Shannah Game, Money, Money Therapy, Personal Finance, Millennials, Generation X & Glassbox Media. If you enjoy BiggerPockets, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, The Personal Finance Podcast, The Mel Robbins Podcast, & Planet Money, this show is for you!

Want to know the secret to financial success? It’s talking about the other side of money. Get this - money decisions are 90% emotional and 10% how-to (yep, that’s why you emotionally spend). So, if you’re ready to get financially unstuck and transform your money, you’ve got to do it from the inside out. Everyone’s Talkin’ Money, named a Top 4 Money Podcast by The New York Times, is the podcast you’ve been looking for. Join Shannah Game, a Financial Expert, Certified Financial Planner, and Certified Trauma of Money Specialist, every week for episodes where we talk about all sides of money – how to create real and sustainable change so you can start living the life of your dreams & stress less about money. Everyone’s Talkin’ Money is not your average personal finance podcast, in case you haven’t noticed. You won’t hear finance bros shame you for your money decisions or be left behind by confusing acronyms. You will get raw, honest, open conversations about money from amazing guests ranging from money experts, entrepreneurs, artists, comedians, mental health experts, authors, and everyday humans, all here to help you on your financial journey. Whether you’re looking to pay off debt, tackle your student loans, save to buy a house, figure out how to afford your dream vacation, start a side hustle or a business, learn the secrets behind investing and building wealth, or ready to finally shake off anxiety, fear, shame, blame, and judgment around money, you’ll find the answers to it all on Everyone’s Talkin’ Money. At the very least, you’ll leave each episode stressing less about money (and that’s pretty priceless).

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