Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC]

Dot.Connector.Podcast by Boogie Man Channel

The only thing you know is that you know nothing at all. Enter with an open mind, no bias and without expectation or don't enter at all - the last thing we need is another nut in the live chat telling us what we're doing wrong around every turn. We've been blowing minds for so long that we're not stopping now. From altered and manipulated history, astronomy, lies in the skies, conspiracy fact and fact searching to astrotheology and biblical breakdowns - we go deep. Simulated and holographic universe theory to applied and quantum physics to theoretical, and real-world applications to you're favorite - quantum entanglement and even string theory - we hit it all! If it's interesting, we can prove it, make fun of it and make it fun for the listeners then we'll cover it here on the show. One day we are at the top of the Adirondack Mountains looking for deep underground military bases [DUMBS] on Google Earth - the next day we are on one of our 6 giant telescopes surveying the Moon for structures, entities, secret space program remnants and crafts. You never know what you're gonna get out of this show. All points, discussions, statements and theories are ALWAYS backed up with references like physics papers & peer-reviewed white papers, patents (active and theoretical IPs), leaked documents out of Government agencies and contractors like NASA, the DOD, DOJ, DOE, DOC, FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the damn alphabet agencies. Most importantly we always supply visual data and references to back up our theories and ideas. You'll get it all here. All you have to do is press "PLAY" and we'll do the rest. So sit back, relax and get ready, cause the Dot.Connector.Podcast. is about to make a landing and we're taking no prisoners along the way. So you all there!

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