Wouldn't it be incredible to live in a world where every woman looks in the mirror and loves who she sees? Danielle is on a mission to make this a reality. Don't we all want to live a confident life we love in a body we love but how can we do that in a world that constantly tells women who to be and how to look? Join Body Confidence & Wellness Strategist Danielle La Rose as she has open and honest conversations surrounding body image, beauty standards, food, fitness, and female confidence featuring POWERFUL conversations with powerful women. The Pretty POWERful podcast is your one-stop-shop for hype-girl energy, inspiration, research-backed advice, and real, raw, honest conversations...don't miss an episode and don't miss a beat! ...it's time to make POWERHOUSE moves sister -  let's do this!To learn more about Danielle, the Pretty POWERful Girl program, find resources, submit a question, or binge more content check out www.prettypowerfulgirl.com   

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