Do you enjoy talking business? Do you enjoy reading about business? Do you geek out over the entrepreneurial journey? If so then you are in the RIGHT SPOT! The Business Samurai podcast brings you the stories told by the people themselves. You’ll be emersed in a wide variety of industries, from venture capital, to gourmet popcorn, learn how to be a better leader, or the personalities behind solving the broadband crisis. At the Business Samurai we believe it takes a wide variety of skill sets and experiences to be successful in business and life. Our aim is to not only entertain, but educate. For you to recognize how successful tactics and motivations in one industry can help propel you forward in your own unique business. Our host John Barker will speak with industry leaders in all facets of business. Our goal at the Business Samurai is to help you become a more well-rounded leader, trained in multiple disciplines, to bring all the puzzle pieces of your business together. Making you more efficient, productive, technically enhanced, and cyber secure. Sit back, enjoy, and welcome to the Business Samurai podcast. To work with John Barker and Barker Management Consulting ► Follow John Barker at 🐦Twitter ► 🌎 LinkedIn ► 🔴 Instagram ► BOOK Awesome Guests Like the ones featured on our Show using our referral Link for GUESTIO.COM: The Business Samurai w/ Logo is a registered trademark of Attollo Systems LLC dba Barker Management Consulting

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