Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About!

Barbara Provost & Maggie Nielsen

"We will never solve the feminization of power until we solve the masculinity of wealth." - Gloria Steinem. On this podcast, we're going to call out those ways that women are consistently left behind financially. But most importantly, how women can help themselves. Join hosts Barbara Provost & Maggie Nielsen as they help you navigate the ins and outs of financial independence so that you can be financially fearless. They'll connect you with helpful resources and compelling stories from women all across the country. Whether it's buying a house, preparing for retirement, dealing with divorce, there won't be a single question off the table. Maggie is a partner and Barbara is the founder of Purse Strings, a two-part model that's all about providing women the tools and resources they need to help them learn and understand what they need to know to make good financial decisions. And they help connect women with attorneys, financial planners, realtors, and many other financial professionals who have the expertise and desire to serve the female market. Women & Money: The Shit We Don't Talk About can be your place for tools, resources, education and a place to ask the important questions on your mind (or even better, the - you know - you aren't talking about). Find out more about Purse Strings by visiting https://pursestrings.co/ and we can't wait to connect with you on the podcast!

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