Badass Confidence Coach | Your Personal Trainer for Your Mind

Anna Marcolin

The Badass Confidence Coach is your go-to podcast for high-achieving women and men ready to step into their full potential. Hosted by Anna Marolin, therapist, life coach, and 20-year triathlete, this show is not your average therapy session. Anna is on a mission to empower everyone to overcome their self-doubt, crush their goals, and live their most badass lives.Tune in to discover practical strategies, candid conversations, and actionable advice to conquer the challenges holding you back. From battling loneliness and anxiety to mastering mindset shifts and embracing self-love, Anna dives deep into the struggles we all face, alongside insightful guest interviews and engaging discussions with her husband, Tim.Expect raw honesty, unwavering support, and a hefty dose of inspiration as Anna shares her expertise gained from over two decades of counseling and coaching experience. Whether you're seeking to boost your confidence, redefine success, or simply kick ass in life, The Badass Confidence Coach is your personal guide to unlocking your full potential.Subscribe now and join the community of badass women and men who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary.You can also find Anna on Instagram and TikTok @askannamarcolin.

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