Beats by Social Work

Kristin and Tiffany

This podcast is intended for social workers that work in the field of transplant and/or LVAD. If you are a patient pursuing a transplant or LVAD or the caregiver of a patient, we welcome you here. Although we are transplant social workers we are not your transplant social workers. We hope topics discussed here may lead you to further discussions with your own transplant social worker. We want this to be a safe space to learn, be refueled, be heard, and feel understood. We want to challenge each other to be the best we can for ourselves and our patients. We are often told what to do, but there is not always time to explore “the why” you do it. In the upcoming episodes, we will be following along the psychosocial evaluation for transplant and LVAD, discussing why we ask the questions we do, the importance of the topics, and diving deeper into areas. 

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