Level-up Engineering

Apex Lab

Level-up Engineering reveals actionable management secrets from some of the most successful engineering leaders (VP of Engineering, Director of Engineering, CTO). This podcast brings you key insights from fellow engineering managers, to level-up your management skills and to take your software development team to the next level. The podcast covers the biggest challenges engineering leaders face, showing exactly how others overcame these challenges. Learn the best practices on management and leadership to understand people and organizations as much as you understand code. We interview engineering leaders and dive into the fundamentals behind hiring and retaining developers, motivating developers, scaling dev teams, mentoring developers, and much more! The episodes are brought to you by Apex Lab, a digital product development agency offering end-to-end, stress-free product delivery. Check them out on https://www.apexlab.io/ If you have any feedback or would like to be featured on Level-up Engineering please, drop us a line at podcast@apexlab.io

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