Get Off My Lawn! - The Mad Ramblings of a Gen X-er

Online Big Blue LLC

"This is the true story of a Gen X-er picked to do a podcast and give his personal views on Pop Culture, Politics, Sports, News and more, So find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. - ‘Get Of My Lawn’ As we grow into an ever changing world and new Generations are born, only one stays the same with their distain for all others - ‘Gen X’. We survived riding bikes without helmets, No cell phones, understanding you go home when the street lights go on. We lived through Hair Metal and watched the birth of Grunge. We witnessed ‘Two’ Bush’s become President (That’s what she said.) and the First African American take office. We watched in horror as the Towers fell and rejoiced at the Socialize Digital Age. (‘The Internet’ - Sorry Al you didn’t invent it.)But all in all, We lived our lives with the understanding that playing it safe is not the way to go through your existence. As the world is facing more turmoil than we have every seen before and as we witness a clear division of our Society a voice of ‘reason’ and ‘sanity’ needs to be heard. To bad that ain’t me … Hear me ramble daily about everything from Pop Culture, Politics, Sports, News and more and get the clear as ‘Mud’ perspective of this Rambling Gen X-er. Enjoy!

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