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Welcome to Open Comments hosted by The Open Group, where we’ll discuss things openly with our guests from a variety of backgrounds and from different walks of life. Through this podcast, we hope to give you an inside look into a variety of topics with an equal mix of humor and candor.  In this series so far, we have touched on the following topics: Healthcare, HR, Diversity + Access to Technology, Cybersecurity, and lots more. We hope you enjoy our show and look forward to bringing more topics into the fold. Let’s get started!Disclaimer: The Open Comments Podcast (hosted by The Open Group*) is presented purely for informational and educational purposes only. The views and opinions expressed by the hosts and the guests are their own and are not intended to harm or offend any group, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything. *The Open Group is a global, vendor- and technology-neutral consortium upon which organizations rely to lead the development of technology standards and certifications. With more than 900 member organizations around the globe, we have a diverse membership that spans all sectors of the technology community.Hosts: Ash Patel (Marketing Specialist, The Open Group), Oliver David (Marketing Manager, The Open Group), and Irene Canizales (Events Planner, The Open Group).  

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