YOUR HAPPY LIFE Podcast™ | Joyful Living for Faith-Based Women, Walk in Faith Toward the Future of Your Dreams

Donna Burgher, Faith-Based Coach, Happiness Creator™ Guide & Mentor

Donna Uplifts With Her Positive Energy, Humor & Love As She Guides You On A Fun, Amazing & Life-Changing Journey.  Are You Ready to Partner with God, and become a Happiness Creator™ as you Walk in Faith Toward the Future of Your Dreams?  Donna Burgher will guide, encourage, and inspire you to amplify your happiness, enhance your faith, uplevel your mindset, and live intentionally so you can create the happiest, most fulfilling, successful, and abundant life God has planned for you.  "For I know the plans I have for you… plans to prosper you… plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11  Welcome to YOUR HAPPY LIFE Podcast™, the show that will inspire you to embrace a happy mind and a joyful heart in partnership with God. You’ll be uplifted and encouraged to become a Happiness Creator as you walk in faith toward the future of your dreams.  Get you ready to amplify your happiness and shift your energy because as you become happier it’s easier to create … Your Happy Life! Are you feeling stuck even though you have a strong desire to uplevel your life?  Are your dreams unclear or non-existent?  You, my beautiful friend, are meant for more, and it's time to take action. Are you ready to get unstuck and embrace a future filled with happiness, joy, and abundance? It’s time to open yourself up to unlimited possibilities and step into your greatness and create the life God has planned for you.  Throughout this podcast, I'll explore topics like personal growth, spirituality, intentional living, mindset, happiness, God, Faith, Vision, Dreams, and Goals.  And, I’ll offer you ways for applying these concepts to your daily life.  I will inspire & motivate you to cultivate and embrace a positive mindset, amplify your happiness, and enhance your faith so you can become a Happiness Creator and experience God’s abundant blessings.  Stay tuned as I will share practical & faith-based tips, valuable insights, tools, and strategies to help you unlock your potential and break free from those negative thought patterns, doubts, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.  “As we walk in faith, let’s envision a future filled with love, abundance, blessings, and miracles knowing that with God, all things are possible.” ~ Donna Burgher  To Learn More Visit  ***ABOUT DONNA***  Donna Burgher is a happy and successful entrepreneur with a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and experience as a multi-business owner. She is the Founder & CEO of CHOOSE TRUE HAPPINESS LLC, Host of YOUR HAPPY LIFE Podcast™, and Senior Partner of The Wellness Universe.  Donna Burgher guides & mentors heart-centered, spiritual, Faith-Based Women to discover their God-given vision and purpose as they walk in faith toward the future of their dreams. She encourages and inspires these women to become Happiness Creators™ as they partner with God to amplify their happiness, enhance their faith, uplevel their mindset, and live intentionally so they can create the happiest, most fulfilling, successful, and abundant life God has planned for them.

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