90 Day Wins : Goal Setting Strategies for Personal Growth, Health, Business & Money


Are you ready to tackle your biggest goals and create your dream life so that you can move forward in Confidence? It’s time to ask yourself the question you’ve been avoiding, How do I create my dream life? How do I set goals and achieve them? How do I make money doing what I love? How do I reach my Health and Business goals? Am I ready to leave my Job? How do I develop Confidence? Am I prepared to change? How can I set achievable goals? And the biggest question of all is, can I *really* achieve goals in 90 days? Whether you’re a stay-at-home Mom, Business Executive, Entrepreneur, or an individual on a personal growth journey, this show warmly welcomes you. Host SandyB brings you productivity tips, business hacks, visionary entrepreneurship truths, and inspirational stories to help YOU design your dream life and business.SandyB shares practical and actionable strategies she personally follows to live her purpose and achieve goals every 90 Days. These theories and real-life strategies have helped her navigate her goals and achieve big Wins as a Business Owner, Wife, and Mom. Along with sharing her practical strategies for achieving goals, she interviews women and men to share their secrets for achieving goals and personal growth. We value your input and encourage you to share your own strategies and experiences. With actionable tips and a global reach, the 90 Day Wins podcast is growing every day. It empowers you to tackle your biggest goals on your journey to Wins.

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