Postpartum University® Podcast

Maranda Bower, Postpartum Nutrition Specialist

** Top Ranking Show in Both Parenting + Nutrition**Let's face it, the "healthcare" system doesn't care about your postpartum health. Postpartum depression, anxiety, and autoimmune disease have become normal in motherhood. And it's time to start telling the truth. It's time to get real answers. The Postpartum University® Podcast is a place you can get evidence-based information you not only need but deserve. Hosted by Maranda Bower, a biology student turned scientist who's work, education, and a million certifications revolve around all things postpartum. She's the founder of PPU®, bestselling author of Reclaiming Postpartum Wellness, and creator of the only functional nutrition certification program dedicated to the postpartum years. Plus, she's a homesteading mama with 4 wild kids in the middle of nowhere Alaska. Join us as we dive into important topics surrounding your body and healing after birth.Mamas, take the recovery quiz  ->, get the 18-page printouts for your clients -> the Bestselling book ->

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