Welcome to The Evolved Consciousness Podcast hosted by Leanne Juliette – Disruptive Genius & Catalyst for Truth Consciousness. This podcast is here to bring through a new wave of consciousness. A new & unique way of perceiving the world around us. A new way of exploring consciousness as I revolutionize and shatter paradigms. My Genius is that of Disruption & Blunt Truth. Here to facilitate a deeper awakening within you in order to alchemize shadow & soul trauma into higher consciousness, freedom & revolutionary transformation across all areas of your life, business/career, relationships & personal growth. This podcast brings together my interests and teachings into one place - consciousness, spirituality, shadow, astrology, spiritual entrepreneurship, multidimensionality and mystical teachings. Here at the Evolved Consciousness podcast, freedom is the revolution and disruption is the currency. To connect with Leanne Juliette further, go to https://www.leannejuliette.com.

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