Second Act Success Career Podcast: Career Change Advice, Job Search Strategies, and Personal Development Tips

Shannon Russell

Welcome to the Second Act Success Career Podcast, your go-to resource for empowering people navigating career transitions. Hosted by Shannon Russell, a former television producer turned entrepreneur and career transition coach, this podcast is designed to guide and inspire you through the journey of seeking a new career, starting a business, or pursuing your creative passions.🌟 Are you considering a career change?πŸ€” Not sure how to switch jobs and find fulfillment in life?πŸš€ Looking for career advice on how to achieve work-life balance or turn your side hustle into a full-time business?🌟Need personal development tips and career inspiration to make the most of your work, business, and life?You're in the right place! Join Shannon and industry experts as they share valuable advice, insights, and motivational stories. Discover practical tips on how to make your dream job a reality and embark on your own second act career.πŸŽ™οΈ In each episode, Shannon and her guests discuss their successful career pivots, providing actionable strategies for finding fulfillment in your professional life. Whether you're aiming for a complete career overhaul or seeking to enhance your current path, this podcast will equip you with the tools and inspiration needed to thrive.Ready to build a life of abundance and find a career that truly fulfills you? Tune in to the Second Act Success Career Podcast. Let Shannon help you produce your best life, and unlock the secrets to second act success in your career journey.πŸ”— For more inspiration and resources, visit now and embark on a transformative journey towards career fulfillment and success!Email to connect!

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