Second Act Success Career Podcast

Shannon Russell

The Second Act Success Career Podcast is focused on helping empower women like you who are seeking a career transition. If you are searching for a new job or launching a new business, you're in the right place.   Television producer turned entrepreneur and career transition coach, Shannon Russell, shares advice to help you "produce" your best life. Plus, you'll gain insights from career industry experts to help guide you on your journey. Have you been considering a career change? Not sure how to transition to a new role? Interested in switching career fields completely? Dreaming of turning your side hustle into a full time business? If you are ready to learn how to make your dream job a reality and want to start over, then this is the podcast for you! The Second Act Success Career Podcast inspires women to begin a "second act" in their career to find fulfillment. You will hear motivational stories of women who have changed careers, started businesses, and followed their creative passions to the fullest. Shannon's mission is to inspire you to build a life of abundance and find a career that fills you up. Listen in for tips on how she and her guests have pivoted to a new career to find success.  Join Shannon as she helps you produce your best life, so you can discover second act success in your career! 

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