The Intangible Balance Sheet Podcast

Joshua Klooz

Most people are familiar with their own balance sheet. As soon as we buy our first car house, we become aware of it. If you're of a certain personality type, you may track it quite a bit. But I'd submit to you that we're unconsciously aware of another balance sheet as well. And this one is pretty tricky to measure and even harder to manage. Sometimes, we often find it hard to put into words. But this is real. I call this our intangible balance sheet. What I mean by this is those life principles, experiences, memories, that given any amount of money, we wouldn't trade. They're the memories that bring tears of joy to our faces, because we simply just can't imagine life without them. We feel fortunate to have had could be our first jobs proposals, wedding days, birth, struggles, anxieties, fears, hindsight. It's all those things that melt into a memory that brings a distant stare and a smile to our face. showing those things that have made us us. That's what I'm talking about when I talk about the intangible balance sheet. It's those moments in life that may be financially irrational, but are indispensable parts of our life. So, these episodes are focused on stories that bring us joy, happiness, fulfillment, ultimately, may hold necessary keys that will direct the future of our family, friends, and neighbors. So listen in with us as we uncover some of those stories that are meaningful to our guests. And maybe you'll uncover hidden value on your own intangible balance sheet.Music by

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