The One Shot Movement Podcast With Craig Schulze

Craig Schulze

The One Shot Movement Podcast is hosted by Craig Schulze a world leading entrepreneur, thought leader, speaker, author and investor who has worked with and connected with 100's of the biggest market leaders in the world.  The One Shot Movement podcast is built of the powerful message of You've Only Got One Shot At Life So Give It Your Best Shot, where Craig Schulze has deep conversations and extracts the wisdom from each guest so you can learn all the biggest secrets of what it takes to reach your full potential.  The One Shot Movement Podcast was inspired by the life experience of losing his first son Ethan stillborn and the reality check of how precious your opportunity is on this planet. Craig Schulze then authored the life changing book "You've Got One Shot - the story of a stolen heartbeat & what that taught me about living a meaningful life". Craig now wants to help empower and educate more people on the planet to give life their best shot. Craig Schulze close each episode with "You've Got One Shot Give It Your Best Shot What Ever That Is For You". Find your life passion and purpose and the build the life that you desire. VISIT THE SHOW:

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